Going Green While Doing A New Office Fitout

  • October 26, 2015

    Before you embark on your new office fit-out, renovation or relocation, you need to realize that if not done responsibly, it can have negative effects on the environment. When you think about the different tasks involved and consider that there are hundreds of offices in any region, you can understand why this can be detrimental. The amount of electricity that is consumed everyday for lighting and air condition adds up and translates to a huge amount of power.

    On average, offices in the country receive a fit-out every five years before the next renovation. With this frequency in mind, it is important to find out the best ways to reduce the footprint on the environment. There are some practical ways that businesses can reduce the environmental impact, while also making financial savings. Following are tips that will prove to be very useful.

    Minor renovations to the office

    When doing office refurbishments or minor renovations to your existing space, you should consider reusing existing items or materials. Reusing is not just an eco-friendly solution; it also helps you to save cash. The fact that you do not have to buy a new item because you can use what you already have is environmentally sustainable. Simple solutions like re-covering or respraying furniture can help you to enhance your office and make improvements cost effectively. Your current workstations can look new and work efficiently without the negative impact on the environment.

    Energy saving solutions

    Energy usage in the office can be quite high. The different office equipment including photocopiers, printers and scanners can consume a lot of energy each day. To reduce the power usage, the equipment should remain in standby mode when they are not in use or during closing hours. The equipment should always be switched off after hours. Offices computers can be set to ensure optimized power usage by implementing the power saving settings. Determine whether you really need to have the computer servers running continuously 24/7 even when not in use.

    Relocating your office

    If you decide to relocate to a new office, consider looking for an environmentally friendly location. Think about the issue of transport when you relocate. It is helpful to think about access to the office and the availability of transport for the employees. This will help to ease congestion in the employee parking areas that are often limited. Offering staff transport will help to ensure that the employees perform their duties effectively, while minimizing the impact of many vehicles on the environment.

    Multifunctional partitioning

    When designing the new office, consider choosing reusable and multifunctional partitioning. Installing a demountable wall system will come in handy during future office relocations or configurations. This also helps to protect precious resources while also saving money. Lighting efficiency will help to reduce the power bill and you can do this by ensuring that areas that are not in use have the lights switched off.  Movement sensor switches will come in handy, as will energy-efficient lighting solutions.

    There are ways to design the office to make it more energy efficient. Make the most of natural lighting while also thinking about the best lighting layout and an efficient air conditioning system.


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