Salient Signs Indicating That Your Office Is Too Small

  • October 26, 2015

    It is widely known that the layout of workspaces can affect productivity. Hence, it is pertinent that business owners understand and learn how to plan and organize an office space that works for them. In this article, you will learn the basic factors that help indicate if an office is too small and what you can do about it without possibly having to consider relocation.

    Tensions in office start to build up

    When you place employees from your sales team into cramped spaces, it is likely that they will quickly become stressed or unhappy due to the lack of an environment conducive of their job at hand. If another team that is collaborative in nature, such as your marketing team and they are occupying a larger office space – make the switch quickly. If you want to maintain productivity, you have to give your staff ample space to carry out their stipulated tasks. Simply put, allocated spaces should reflect the type of work their handling as well as their responsibilities.

    Having trouble aligning furniture

    If you recently purchased new office furniture and discovered that your current space is increasingly tricky to deal with, it is a clear sign that your office is too small. You may have to twist, rotate or turn every piece of furniture you have to create your desired alignment.

    Increased employee turnover rate

    Arranging employees like a can of sardines is one of the major contributing factors of high company turnovers. If you are considering increasing your office’s interior space, in efforts of reducing high levels of attrition, notifying your human resource team to focus on key phrases such as comfort level during each exit interview process as well.

    New staff can’t be allocated their own work desks

    Are you noticing new employees sharing desks instead of designs and ideas? Some fast-paced companies are facing this problem and even need to halt their company’s growth as office is running out. Renovations must be quickly implemented to accommodate new hires as more space is simply needed as well as furniture. This way you ensure adequate balance between personal and collaborative work environments.

    Long queue to the pantry or break room

    Is the queue to the office’s pantry or break room getting longer each time there are new hires? Do your employees wait forever to heat up their food in the microwave or get a drink to quench their thirst? These signs indicate your office is clearly running out of space.

    Conference or meeting rooms become a multi-purpose area

    Instead of on-site meetings, is your conference room being used for other purposes like storage, makeshift personal work station or break room? Some commercial companies experience the problem of not being able to provide every employee a proper sized area for privacy. Hence, some decided to move or change their office fit outs. As mentioned about collaborative teams, you can add more meeting areas instead of increasing office size.

    Did you use an open-office concept?

    During your office fitout process, you may consider an open-office concept but you must remember to create a counterbalance of sufficient private spaces as a lack of it can bring back existing problems. We do like to point out that you should not be mistaken that a bigger area is always the best solution as there are other important factors to consider like foot traffic, potential growth and collaborative projects.

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