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You Can Transform Your Office Even On A Tight Budget!  

A new office environment can simply boost your business brand image, motivate employees and even enhance productivity and result in more sales. But there is a need to do proper planning and get advice from experts in order to get it right. This article explores on how to maximize the impact of an office fit-out even when the budgets are limited. Please read on:

Thinking of your employees first

It is a fact that property costs can represent a smaller percentage of your company’s total overhead as compared to staff costs. But the workplace design can always have a significant impact on employee morale, engagement and even productivity. You should note that, even the smallest investment in an office fit-out can have the potential to make a huge impact on your workforce. Because you want to ensure that the impact is positive, you have to start with your employees. They will give their opinion on how they would want the working space to be organized, their personal preferences, as well as options when it comes to lighting, sound, colour and ventilation among others.

Break down barriers

Today, collaborative working is key, so you want to move from the out-dated tradition of partitioned offices and rows of desks. As such, you want to aim in creating activity based zones for socializing, brainstorming, individual workstations, as well as one to one meetings. This not only encourages more collaborative working but also frees up square footage in order to fit in more client and social spaces.

The holy trinity

It does not matter what kind of scale or budget your fit-out is. To get results, you need to balance cost, time and quality in order to best fit your business needs. Of course speediest delivery will matter to you most when compared to highest specifications. So, you have to compromise on the lower priorities in order to achieve the best balance.

It is the little things that count

As it is said, there is no big shame cutting corners when on a tight budget, and truly a good design team will always have several tricks to make savings. A good example would be to focus on the routes with the highest footfall instead of focussing on replacement of the entire flooring or carpet. Don’t go for the more expensive options; keep the costs of fittings and fixtures as low as it is possible. Of course, you don’t want to spend more in the long run, so make sure that what you get is worth the value for your money.

First impression counts

It is prudent to overhaul tired reception areas and entrances by replacing flooring, doors, soft furnishings and lighting. And you can brand the entrances with affordable images in your brand, or keywords and phrases in order to give your business a real sense of its presence.

At Davidson Projects, we understand how important it is to give a great first impression in offices. We specialise in commercial office fit-out solutions, base builds, turnkey solutions and maintenance among other things. So if you don’t have the time to take on your own refurbishments, then get in touch with us today

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