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How To Keep Office Staff Safe When Doing Office Refurbishments

One of the challenges that can occur when embarking on office refurbishments, is that the works often take place in an office where people are still working. It is essential to consider the health and safety implications for the existing employees and the building contractors completing the works during this time.

It is often necessary to undertake a renovation while employees are still working in the area. This can be for many reasons – sensitive operations being run in the office, unable to move essential equipment, the difficulty of moving phone, data and server systems to another location, or no other premises to move staff to during this time.

There are challenges that arise from this such as dust, noise, trip hazards, working in smaller spaces than usual, among others.

To prevent these becoming issues, the following are some points to consider:

Engaging an experienced and high quality Fitout Contractor:

Working with a high quality contractor is essential to ensuring that all staff members will be safe when working in such an environment. During the early phases of planning, all parties will collaborate to ensure a smooth process. This may entail areas of the project being sealed off so the renovations can continue safely, noisy works being done after hours, areas of restricted access being clearly marked among other things. An experienced builder will work with the client and designer to ensure a safe workplace.

Preparation is the Key:

Engaging a designer and builder with plenty of time before the project needs to start and ensuring that the design process and planning is complete before the project start date is a good way to make the process go quickly and smoothly.

Remove non-essential staff:

Any staff who can work from other locations during this time of refurbishments should be considered. In addition if the company has any other office space on other floors or other locations that can accommodate extra people during this time may also be an option.

Communication is Essential:

Always remember to communicate at all times with the Builder and Designer. Most issues are easily resolved if they are brought up early enough.

And when the inconvenience and hard work is done, the new fitout should make it all worthwhile and bring a new feel to the old space.

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