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Factors To Consider When Choosing The Right Design For Your Office Meeting Table

Every business has to set some time aside for meetings to discuss the progress of their company and to set strategies for further growth. So as to not disrupt the daily activities of the firm, a room is set aside and is specifically used to hold these meetings. In recent times, modern technology has also enabled people from different parts of the world to hold meetings via video conferencing.

Most often, a boardroom with a large boardroom table will be used for this purpose. It is wise to consult a company that is experienced with office fitouts to advise you on the best choice before setting up the conference room. There are factors that you need to consider before deciding on an office meeting table.

The size of the meeting area

The type of table you should get will be directly influenced by the size of the conference room. You should allow some clearance room between the table and the walls. It allows people to move freely when they push back their seats without bumping on the walls. There should be enough space to allow free movement in case one walks in when others are already seated.

Types of chairs

Where space is limited, using small chairs will allow for more seating area around the table. Other options are larger chairs and whether to have arms on the chairs or not.

The shape and materials of the table

When looking for a boardroom table it is worth considering the shape of the room and whether to have an oval, rectangle, square, U-Shaped or other shape. Plus there is the consideration of materials – timber, laminate, glass, or many other possibilities.

Seating capacity of the table

Think about the number of people expected to occupy the meeting table at one time. People should be able to sit comfortably with enough room to move about if they need to come in or out of the room. Larger offices can choose to have two different venues for their meetings. One room can be used to hold big meetings and also set aside a smaller space for smaller and more intimate meetings.

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